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Tips for Becoming a Happy Single Parent

Being a parent is never easy, especially not being a single parent after a divorce or the death of a spouse. However, being a happy single parent is not impossible. Mental and physical readiness, as well as some tips summarized in this article can help make it happen. Being a single parent clearly requires extra energy and patience, because they have to carry out the role of caring for and educating children, as well as the role of a breadwinner. Because of the many tasks to be carried out and the burden that must be borne, some single parents sometimes neglect their own health and forget to be a positive person. Though both of these can be the key to success in creating a harmonious family, as well as making children still get enough love, educated, and have a good future. To make it happen, you must first try to be a happy single parent. Living Life as a Single Parent To be a happy single parent, build yourself up with the following steps: 1. Think positive Even though it'
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The Secret of Youthfulness Kept in This Food

The body's aging process is something that cannot be prevented, and everyone must experience it. However, did you know that the aging process can be slowed down so that we can stay young? The skin remains healthy, smooth, tight, and does not wrinkle even though age is not young anymore would be the desire of many people. For this reason, the body's cells need to be protected from exposure to free radicals and their negative effects. One way is to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants. The nutritional and antioxidant content in healthy food not only maintains the body's resistance, but also can provide various benefits to the skin, including making the skin look younger. The following are some foods that keep the secret of eternal youth in them. Colored Vegetables and Fruits Brightly colored fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants which can help prevent damage to skin cells. For example, green vegetables, tomatoes, carrots, watermelons, avocados, and blueberri

Natural Lipstick for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, many things that must be considered. Starting from what is consumed, the care products used, even cosmetics such as lipstick. Here's how to make a natural lipstick for pregnant women. Although only attached to the lips, lipstick can contain heavy metals that can be dangerous if swallowed. Lipstick products are found in at least some heavy metal materials, such as aluminum, mercury, manganese, cadmium, chromium, and lead. These heavy metals can have negative effects on health in the long run. In addition to heavy metals, some lipstick products also contain retinol, deodorizers, and parabens. Effects of Lipstick Chemicals on Pregnant Women Here are some of the side effects of lipstick chemicals on pregnant women and the fetus they contain: Cadmium Research shows that ingestion of cadmium metal can cause kidney disease, lung cancer, bone damage, and damage to the respiratory system in pregnant women. Whereas in the fetus, cadmium can cause low birth weigh